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You can purchase reprints of both journal articles and book chapters, or a collection of either format. Your reprints can be produced to your specifications in either print or digital format. Common options include:

ÿÿÿ * Simple self-cover black & white

ÿÿÿ * As above with colour images

ÿÿÿ * Black & white reprint text with journal/book cover on premium stock

ÿÿÿ * As above with colour images

ÿÿÿ * Including additional client content (e.g., logo, acknowledgements, PPI)

ÿÿÿ * Region-specific supplementary information for restricted regional distribution

ÿÿÿ * Reprint collections built up from papers published across our entire portfolio of journals withÿÿ

ÿÿÿÿÿÿ bespoke covers ? ideal for supporting educational programmes

ÿÿÿ * ePrints ? articles/chapters may be hosted on a website, blog or intranet

Order quantities begin at 100 copies, with no upper limit. The unit cost reduces substantially as the order quantity increases, and detailed quotes are readily available on request.

Journal article reprints can be ordered as soon as a paper is accepted for publication. Delivery can be as little as 5 working days after typesetting and allocation of a DOI and online publication. Alternatively, you may prefer to wait until a paper has been allocated to an issue so that it carries the full pagination; either way, the paper carries the full weight of rigorous peer review and quality copy editing as well as MEDLINE indexing.

For all sales enquiries, please complete the online reprints request form.

Book chapter reprints are purchased through the Informa Healthcare Books team. Please contact Catherine Cochrane by email or on +44 (20) 701 76015 if you would like to discuss your requirements further.

If you are interested in combining both book chapters and journal articles into a reprint collection, please contact a member of the Informa Healthcare Communications team in the first instance.