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  • Fuzzy search: dostoyevsky~ →dostoevsky, dostoievski, etc…
  • Plurals: Cell& → cell, cells
  • Stemming: Cell# →cell, cells, cellular, etc…
  • Wildcards: duoden* →duodenum, duodenal, duodenectomy, etc… Also p*diatric → pediatric, paediatric
  • Relevance boosting: tRNA^7 cell → ’tRNA’ has 7 times more weight than ‘cell’ in this search
  • Publication Year: 200? in this field of an advanced search →all articles dating 2000 to 2009
  • Boolean operators (chemotherapy OR radiotherapy) AND toxicity → all articles containing either chemotherapy or radiotherapy and also containing the term toxicity
  • Exact phrases: Enclose in quotation marks to find that exact phrase e.g., ‘dynamic MR imaging’
  • Stop words: a, is, she, the, that, will and other pronouns/connector words are stripped out of a search query unless they are part of a literal phrase (enclosed in quotation marks)

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