Online Book Collection

Online Book Collections

Informa can offer you a variety of pre-formed collections which have been designed to make it easier for you to purchase online books. Examples of our existing collections are available below.

These collections include major reference works, standards, drug guides, handbooks, encyclopaedias, board reviews and atlases.

For further information on our flexible pricing options or to set up free trial access please contact email [emailÿprotected].

The Complete Collection

By choosing this option you instantly gain access to our complete range of 600+ online books. These books cover all Therapy areas and contain all published content from 2008 and selected key titles from previous years. Click here to view our full list of titles.

Tailored Collection

This collection allows you to create your own tailored selection. This ?pick and mix? option means you can choose any number of books, across all therapy areas, and we will create a collection unique to your organisation?s needs.

Annual Collections

You can purchase books published in or after a particular year. These books will cover all therapy areas. We can offer annual collections from 2008 onwards.

Specialist Area Collection

These are ideal for organisations that only have an interest in a particular specialism. We currently offer therapy collections in:

ÿÿÿ * Dermatology

ÿÿÿ * Cardiology

ÿÿÿ * Neurology

ÿÿÿ * Oncology

ÿÿÿ * OBGYN/Urology

ÿÿÿ * Internal Medicine

ÿÿÿ * Surgery

ÿÿÿ * Psychiatry

ÿÿÿ * Pharmaceutical Science

ÿÿÿ * Toxicology

For further information and FAQ?s about online books, click here.