Resources For Consortia

Resources for Consortia

Informa Healthcare offers consortia:

> A single source for comprehensive and authoritative medical researchÿ

> Effective and affordable solutions tailored to your members? needsÿ

> Excellent customer service that your members will valueÿ

Informa Healthcare is a partnership of world-leading publications

Informa Healthcare delivers a powerful collection of more than 170 world-leading publications and 600 online books that comprehensively cover every aspect of drug discovery and development, clinical medicine and pharmaceutical science. The Informa Healthcare portfolio draws together some of the world?s most recognised contributors ? now available from one online source.

Intelligent, customised and value-driven solutions for consortia

Informa Healthcare retains strong links with leading Informa medical brands such as Citeline,BioTechniques, and Scrip. Combining deep market insight with comprehensive content, we are on hand to coordinate effective and affordable solutions for you across all Informa content, regardless of subject area.ÿ

Support for all aspects of ordering and access

We respect your role in advocating your institutions? needs. Inform Healthcare is committed to do all that we can to ensure they receive the services you require to deliver content and measure usage. Specifically, by providing:ÿ

> COUNTER-compliant usage statisticsÿ

> A reliable online platform incorporating the latest technologiesÿ

> Flexible subscription and renewal optionsÿ

> Responsive customer services and account supportÿ

> Multiple, creative options for any budgetÿ

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