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Before you begin to explore informahealthcare please view the quick start guide which explains how to activate your account and the features available to institutional administrators. With the new site design and addition of books, this functional overview will help outline the changes to the site.

Here are the Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Help! I have forgotten my password

2. Why am I denied access to the full text or PDF options of an article?

3. How do I view usage statistics?

4. Why should I register?

5. I’m a society member – how can I access the journal?

6. How do I purchase an article?

7. How do I subscribe?

8. How do I find a publication or an article?

9. Can I save my search?

10. How do I request table of contents alerts for a journal?

To view more FAQs please click here. Tell me more about online books.

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